The Print Industry: Looking Forward

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Within the new generation the internet has become the driving force of communication and media, this has resulted in consumers saying that the print industry is dead. However results of this have proven to be the opposite.

Over the past year commercial printing shipments have been worth over $7 billion each month internationally. This is the longest period of sustained growth since 2010 which implies that the industry is actually a sustainable one. In New Zealand, the manufacturing sector accounts for 11% of the total GDP in which printing directly makes up 1.6 million of the country’s GDP. The biggest reason people believe that print is dead is smaller companies, who don’t ‘evolve’ with the times, close in which bigger corporates are then able to carve out more of a market share and  invest in new services that are relevant to modern business such as packaging, technology and shipping keeping print alive.

So here are a few trends that are arising for the print industry in 2017


Web-to-Print –

With this technology, consumers are able to upload their content to cloud services, allowing them to order these materials to be printed and for them to be shipped anywhere around the world. Many businesses (including ours) are now taking advantage of this as it is an easy way to order, ship and receive things like training manuals, corporate binders, business cards and more.

On-Demand Printing –

This service allows organisations to order products only when needed and for the quantity they require. This means that less paper is wasted and is also great for companies and associations that constantly change or update information to many locations nationwide. Essentially this means that the hassle of bulk ordering are gone and is instead replaced by smaller, more personalised offerings that can be delivered at store front.

Digital Content Distribution

Businesses can upload content online and host it on digital content distribution platforms allowing partners, employees and customers to order branded print resources as they are needed. This allows all parties to access updated resources and documents that companies can alter according to client feedback and business process changes.



As the nature of business is evolving, various products are invented, mass production and more customised products being more of a necessity, the packaging industry has greatly boomed. Consumers are now looking at more innovative and creative forms of packaging to present their product but also use as a form of marketing.

The print industry might be slowing down but do not make the mistake that it is dead. With new technologies, machinery constantly updating and companies adapting to this change, the industry will be a thriving one but just a little different than before.

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