Garry Porter : 50 Years of Dedicated Service

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Choosing to spend your entire working life in one industry can prove to be challenging yet rewarding. It teaches you the deep workings on how the industry operates and you get to constantly experience its ever changing nature. Wickliffe is ever so lucky to have a dedicated person who has spent 50 whole years of his life choosing not only to work in the print industry but to go further and choose to work at Wickliffe.

Garry Porter came to Wickliffe in December 1966 as an apprentice monotype operator and over the years saw the many changes that happened to Wickliffe. Through the introduction of many new machines, to travelling to USA and Belgium to learn new systems and also seeing the move from the initial head office at Dunedin now at Auckland. He saw the boom of the print industry and also the decline in business forms and contracts moving to Auckland. He started as an apprentice and made his way to being a supervisor, a great achievement.

On the 23rd of February, we celebrated his great achievement with a morning tea and presented him a small token of thanks for his long service.


It was a day filled with reminiscing over the past and thankfulness for the loyalty of Garry.

We at Wickliffe congratulate Garry on a tremendous 50 years and thank him for choosing to spend it at Wickliffe!

We wish him all the best for his retirement and future.

Click the link below to read Garry’s story in his own words!

Garry’s Testimonial