A Cricketing Success

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At Wickliffe we celebrate each other’s achievements, whether professional or personal. One member in our sales team up at Auckland has accomplished a cricketing achievement. Winning 4 awards at the Auckland University Cricket Club; MVP, the Spurdle Trophy for best bowling performance, AUCC Presidents Cup for most wickets in the year, and AUCC Thompson Cup for best all-rounder.

Coming into Auckland knowing no one can be a daunting task and Rohan Tuteja found that joining a sports club was a good way to find your way around a new city. As he explained

“It’s always a challenge getting accepted as a new member in any new competitive place you go to, but fighting and never giving up was in my blood as a sportsperson. It’s the balance of optimism and thriving for excellence¬†that gets you through to the finish line.”

From fighting for a place in the first weeks, to winning the best and most number of individual awards by the end of a season is something to be proud of.


We at Wickliffe congratulate Rohan on all his achievements and hope that it continues towards the future.