Case Study: Hallifax Alpine Silk

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The Hallifax Company specialises in producing high quality skin and personal care products and needed a printing company to provide high quality packaging that would fit with their very specific product requirements.

All the Alpine Silk packaging produced for Hallifax was printed in Christchurch and involved a great deal of care. In their new line of skincare products, a special custom made clear window insert was added. This process involved a great deal of trial an error to get both the shape and well as the positioning for the product to be accurately seen as shown in the picture below.

Along with this innovative idea, the packaging done for the soap, which included the boxes and wrappers, had to be able to withstand the nature of soaps which commonly causes the paper to develop black spots over time. So to combat this, the inventive minds at Wickliffe used a special anti-fungal aqueous coating on the paper as well as special inks. This prevents the black spots and allows the product to be held in store or with consumers for an extended period of time.

Finally our last process to encompass the Alpine Silk packaging was the use of gold foiling. The gold foiling, added with a gloss finish and embossing presented on the top of boxes, allows for a top quality finish and presents the product with a “Gold Standard” rating.

Working with a family owned business like Hallifax and being able to put our creative minds to the test helped to project our printing standards forward and also understand what we are capable of. With that Wickliffe has developed a great friendship with the Hallifax Company and their team and are proud to be working with them.


*Alpine Silk products are proudly featured in the upcoming GSM Magazine*


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