About Us

At Wickliffe, we design, print, source and distribute a virtually limitless range of publications, packaging merchandise and marketing collateral. Catering to everything from small-run digital to large run rotary, full colour offset, wide format signage and point of sale.

With over 60 years’ experience, significant time given the competitive nature of the industry, we have built ourselves on consistently producing work of the highest quality – on time, on budget and on brief.

We pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of each and every client, combining an intimate knowledge of their business with the horsepower of a team of more than 70 and productions units in Auckland and Dunedin, Wickliffe can arm them with the tools they need to succeed.

6 traits about Wickliffe that could inspire you:


Confidence is key! Being one of the industry leading print companies in NZ, we have built that confidence by consistently delivering exceptional products to the most elite clients.


Our essence is being a family owned business which means that our suppliers and the mum-and-dad businesses are just as important to us as high profile clients. We treat everyone with the same respect.


Don’t mistake our excitement for unprofessionalism. Our main focus is to help clients put their best foot forward by creating collateral of the highest quality. The way we speak, look and deal with people reflects our status as a leader and the high standards of our business.


Being in a company full of diverse people who love a range of activities, them being camping, sports or eating, we can relate to individuals from all backgrounds and empathise with the challenges they face.


For us, reliability is non-negotiable. When we commit to something we will move heaven and earth to ensure we deliver.


Transparency is what builds a relationship. That’s why at Wickliffe we are always open and honest with our clients and suppliers, so if unforeseen issues arise we communicate with all parties concerned as soon as possible.

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