Application of a thin film over an entire printed page

Enhances items like menus, identification cards, instructions printed on paper or any item that is handled frequently.

Gloss Lamination

More high profile and adds high gloss sheen.

Used extensively on magazine covers, menus, presentation folders, postcards, book jackets, annual reports and point-of-sale products.

Used to highlight vivid colours and gives products a quality feel.


Matt Lamination

Gives durability and helps to prevent curling.

Can be used with Spot UV to highlight certain aspects and produce 3D effects.

Does not provide same level of protection as gloss lamination and can be prone to scratching and fingerprints.


Speciality Films

Silver & Gold Metallic – popular with designers of packaging that requires an expensive look e.g. cosmetics, perfumes, liquors

Holographic – multi-sparkle polyester film which gives a 3D look. Typically found on products that want to give a high-tech, futuristic look.